Newspapers Needed

Newspapers Needed

The Sterling Foundation is seeking newspapers for its recycling program.

<bt>Sterling residents are encouraged to bring old newspapers to the two red recycling bins at the Park View High School Drop Off Center between dawn and dusk.

The Sterling Foundation, which maintains Sterling Boulevard, is trying to raise $150,000 for the Main Street in the Making project, vice chairwoman Maureen Hein said Monday. The organization garners $25 per ton for the newspapers.

With a $70,000 grant and $17,500 in matching funds, Sterling Foundation has begun planning a landscape project on the boulevard’s median. Members are trying to generate the additional money needed for trees and shrubbery.

The Sterling Foundation began a Styrofoam and newspaper recycling program in 1991. Hein said members abandoned recycling Styrofoam two years ago, when high-school construction resulted in the movement of the recycling center from one side of the bus parking lot to the other. She said the county was unwilling to continue supporting the previous containment method or provide an alternative method of collection.

The nonprofit organization began the fund-raiser before Loudoun County established its own recycling program. Hein said the foundation maintains the eminent right to continue newspaper recycling, because it started the project.

— Andrea Zentz