Viewpoints 7-6-05

Viewpoints 7-6-05

What makes the United States of America special to you?

Thomas Zier, Norwood 6th-grader, Potomac

“Sports in general are a big part of America. In other countries, it’s soccer, and I hate soccer. America has original sports that they made up. … I really like basketball.”

Katherine Rogan, Sidwell Friends ‘05, and Kevin Rogan, Potomac

“Having an event like [the Cure Autism Now 5K] on the Fourth of July, with all the people here taking a morning run for a good cause. It’s an example of how we get things done,”

Bill Sollers, Silver Spring; with Ron Alexander, Washington, D.C.

“I think it’s the whole thing behind Independence Day — it’s not an international holiday; it’s a national holiday. It’s what all the signers of the Declaration of Independence decided to do.”

Cameron Nasseri, Beverly Farms 4th-grader; and Ariana Nasseri, Hoover 7th-grader;

Cameron: “They wrote the Declaration of Independence — that means freedom.”

Ariana: “I’m lucky to be in America because of our freedom.”

Lori Ayanian, 8th-grader, Belmont, Mass.; Grace Pereles, Potomac Elementary 3rd-grader; Nayiria Ayanian, 5th-grader, Belmont, Mass.

“That we’re alive, and that we live in a free country.”

Lindsay Harris, Severn, Md.

“I just like the freedom of religion. In God we trust.”

Rachel Salisbury, Potomac Elementary 3rd-grader, with Sassy

“There are a lot of things that are very special. I mostly think of all the shelters for the dogs.”

Summer Modelfino, National Cathedral School 7th-grader; and Natalie Trone, Bullis 6th-grader

Summer: “It’s just very cool how we have all these freedoms …

Natalie: “…and rights. Other countries don’t always have the rights and freedoms we have.”

John Robert Barnes

John Robert: “Freedom of speech and freedom of the press. … There’s no other country that has a July 4th.”

Paul Kern; Sally Kern; Gordon Kern, 3; and Ann Kern; Potomac

“Opportunity and freedom. It’s what we fight for.”

Jackie Pfiffer, Potomac

“People being able to do what they want to do.”

Sophie Pelligrini, Potomac

“That we all get a chance to be who we want to be, and get a great education.”

Rachel Holden and Erin Holden, Potomac

“All the malls.”

George Bolen and Anne Bolen, Potomac

“The freedom to do what the individual is capable of — you have no limits, except the ones you impose on yourself.”

Emily Bennett, Seaforth, Australia; and Mikayla Field, Narrabeen, Australia

“Everyone is so together and close, with family picnics and barbecues and stuff like that. They all get into the spirit.”

Kelly Hurley, Georgetown Visitation junior; Liz Kemp, Good Counsel senior; Francesca Vaghi, Stone Ridge senior

“Freedom — and it’s been united ever since Sept. 11.”

Tanya Bagheri, Fahimeh Bagheri, Sobnaz Bagheri and B.J. Bagheri

“The fact that they embrace all nationalities and religions and make everybody feel welcome. I want Americans to be reminded not to take these freedoms for granted — these kinds of freedoms don’t exist in many parts of the world.”