Petal Works Blooms

Petal Works Blooms

Petal Works’ new location in Great Falls is actually an old location for the two owners who have come home again. The pair worked at the stand-alone brick building on Colvin Run Road years ago, when it was a different store, and knew the building would be perfect for the floral design center of their dreams.

For several years Petal Works was located behind Maison et Jardin on Old Dominion Drive. Serendipity stepped in when Petal Works needed to relocate and the building they had always wanted became available. “We always did kind of fantasize about it,” said owner Vashti Mays.

Petal Works has built a reputation and a following because of its floral designs that go beyond the ordinary. “We don’t do FTD here,” said Petal Works’ other owner, Janey Connors. “Since we’ve gone out on our own here, we’re more like a design studio,” said Mays.

Customer Susie Marentis said that Petal Works “has a sophisticated approach to how they organize their flowers.” Marentis was so pleased with the faux magnolia branches that Petal Works used to line her staircase that she’s left the design up.

MAYS AND CONNORS use real, faux and dried flowers in their arrangements, to give them a full range of design possibilities. “Many people around here live in large houses. The faux flowers work well in big spaces,” said Connors. “One of the things I like about them is that they work in silk,” Marentis said.

The variety of floral mediums also allows Petal Works to tailor its arrangements more closely for its customers. “We go out to people’s houses and measure, look at the paint and the fabrics, and see what goes in people’s homes,” said Connors. “We have sort of an English gardening style, but we also incorporate things you won’t find anywhere else,” said Connors. “We have seasonal and unusual flowers we work with,” Mays adds.

Petal Works is in the process of expanding its carry-away floral business, which features European-style bouquets in bright splashes of color. The two like to differentiate their work from other florists by using a host of imported stems. These stems can also be purchased separately or bundled into a custom bouquet.

Mays and Connors both consider themselves to be fortunate to do something they enjoy so much. “I love the creativity. Every day is different,” said Mays.

Marentis said that one of the reasons she is loyal to Petal Works, besides the owners’ creative designs, is that they are easy to work with. “They have a lot of enthusiasm. You can just tell they really love what they do,” said Marentis.