Tapestry Raffled for Water Garden

Tapestry Raffled for Water Garden

Potomac’s answer to the Trevi Fountain may soon be on its way. The Potomac Home and Garden Club is raffling off a tapestry to raise funds to install a water display in front of the Potomac Community Center.

“Not too large,” said Sally Reich, exhibit chair for the club. “We want something that the kids will run over and play around in.”

The club has maintained the grounds around the Community Center for several years, said Linda Barlock, director of the center. “The garden club has been really good to us,” Barlock said.

The club decided that it would like to add a water effect to the right side of the center entrance. Reich said that the group decided on the project and went looking for a donation.

The club’s president, Charity Ball, was in Ferrell’s Gift shop in the Potomac Promenade Mall, when she asked the shop’s owner, Patty Ferrell for a donation. “I wanted to do something special,” Ferrell said.

So she donated the tapestry, valued at approximately $440 to the club for its raffle. “It’s a very interesting wall hanging,” Ferrell said.

The hanging is currently in the community center, so residents can see what they are signing up for.

The club has not yet decided on a look for the new water effect. There are some basic themes involved, they do not want there to be any fish, and ideally, the water flow would be able to be controlled from the front desk. “I’m certainly open to ideas that people have,” she said.

Reich says that the end result will, in part, be a result of how many entries they have. The more raffle tickets which are sold, the more elaborate the final product will be able to be.