Council Will Address Flag Flying At Future Meeting

Council Will Address Flag Flying At Future Meeting

The Irish flag is flying in Old Town in preparation for this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, but for how long?

City Council discussed the matter at last week’s legislative session after restaurateur Pat Troy complained that the flag wasn’t going to fly for the entire month of March.

“I just think the flag should stay up for the whole month to celebrate Alexandria’s Irish heritage,” Troy said.

Councilman Andrew Macdonald agreed with Troy, saying, “I just want to know how these decisions are made and who makes them.” City Manager Philip Sunderland explained the process, saying, “There has been a policy in place since 1992. It says that the Irish flag will fly from the Monday before the St. Patrick’s Day parade through the Monday after the parade. Then, the Irish flag will come down and the Red Cross flag will fly for the remainder of the month since March is Red Cross month as well. If Council wants to change this policy, you can certainly do that but the matter hasn’t come before you as a docket item.”

Councilwoman Joyce Woodson asked that it be docketed. “I guess we should look at the whole issue of flags,” she said. “I am asking that it be brought to us in the next 30 days or so and we can discuss it fully at that time.”

The parade will be held on Saturday, beginning at noon.