How We Voted

How We Voted

With 70K Registered, 25K Voters Make Dranesville Decisions

Some 35.6 Percent of Registered Voters Decide Dranesville Races

Races in last year’s Nov. 4 general election were decided by 25,093 of Dranesville District’s 70,486 registered voters, or 35.6 percent.

The totals in Dranesville District’s 224 precincts, as reported by the Fairfax County Electoral Board, were as follows:

Chairman, Board of Supervisors

Gerry Connolly (D) 11,603

Mychelle Brickner (R) 10,718

Jeremy Good (G) 381

C.W. Levy (I) 276

Dranesville District Supervisor

Joan DuBois (R) 11,966

John Foust (D) 11,456


Stan Barry (D), Incumbent 11,529

Jim Vickery (R) 9,948

Fairfax County School Board

Dranesville District Representative

Jane Strauss (D, unopposed) 17,472

At-Large Members: Hunt, Oleszek and Moon were elected county-wide. Dranesville District totals:

Steve Hunt 10,758

Janet Oleszek 10,629

Rita Thompson 9,549

Ilryong Moon 9,245

Lynn Terhar 9,028

Nell Hurley 8,339

Soil and Water Conservation Board (Three elected)

Sally Ormsby 11,980

Greg Evans 10,955

Dewey Bond 10,429

David Bulova 9,588

Jeremy Good 3,704

Virginia Senate, 32nd District

Janet Howell (D) 11,484

Dave Hunt (R) 10,663

Candidates for the following offices were unopposed.

Commonwealth’s Attorney

Robert F. Horan Jr. (D) 18,689

Virginia Delegate, 34th District

Vincent F. Callahan (R) 11,511

Virginia Delegate, 53rd District

James Scott (D) 3,967