School Notes

School Notes

Samantha Rabinek has been selected as the January Student Volunteer of the Month by Loudoun Volunteer Services. Samantha is a third grade student at Dominion Trail Elementary School and has been active with an employee non-profit community service organization at Lockheed Martin called the Network of Volunteer Associates (NOVA). NOVA most recently awarded Samantha a pin for having participated in her tenth event with the organization. She recently helped serve breakfast to residents at the Wingler House Senior Apartments during a special brunch. She has helped with a NOVA event called "Bears That Care." At this event, held at Dulles Town Center, she helped make teddy bears, then helped deliver them to patients at Loudoun Hospital. Earlier this year, Samantha helped pack hundreds of boxes of donated items to be sent to U.S. troops serving in Iraq. Last year she assisted in hosting a holiday party for children at INOVA Hospital. Over the past two years, Samantha has walked many miles at "Relay For Life" and "Light The Night" in Reston. She also ran in the "Race For a Cure" and "Run For Recovery."

The PTSO of Stone Bridge High School is seeking vendors to participate in their annual Home & Garden Fair. All area businesses involved with any aspect of home building, decorating, furnishing and/or landscaping are invited to participate. The fair will be held on May 1 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the SBHS facilities. To reserve a space or obtain more information, contact Janet Klancher at 703-729-5975.

Douglass M. Dillon, a seventh grade social sciences teacher at Harper Park Middle School, was named the recipient of the 2004 Agnes Meyer Award, honoring Loudoun County Public Schools' top teacher of the year.

Stone Bridge High School debaters Paul Gottschling and Matt Struth took the first place trophy in Varsity Policy Debate at the fifth annual Potomac Falls Invitational.

Beth Konkoski, an English teacher at Broad Run High School, will be a presenter at the 19th annual Great Lakes Association for Cooperation in Education (GLACE) Conference in Toronto. Konkoski's topic will be "Working the Room."

The following students were named District XVI All-District Band members:

High School Symphonic

Piccolo: Ashley Porter (DHS)

Flute: Shelby Zelonis (LVHS); Allison Shearer (SBHS); Sarah Munoz (SBHS); Janelle Bryant (PFHS); Karen Farenholtz (LCHS); Evan Schlaich (PFHS); Andy Rush (SBHS); Rachel Bingaman (PVHS); Gretchen Hannes (PFHS); Jana Chapman (SBHS)

Contra Clarinet: Victoria Chavez (BRHS)

Bass Clarinet: Ben Lawson (HHS); Breana Finnegan (SBHS); Meagan Tydings (BRHS); Von Corpuz (BRHS)

Clarinet: Meagan Kim (BRHS); Jeri Maynard (DHS); Sarah Horback (BRHS); Gavin Ruedisueli (LVHS); Michelle Nguyen (BRHS); Jessica Sunkin (SBHS); Brittany Knight (HHS); Jamie Coupar (LCHS); Kari Wilson (LVHS); Katherine Flickinger (BRHS); Jessie Light (SBHS); Megan Malacarne (SBHS); Lindsay Samuel (LCHS); Kevin Stanton (LCHS); Sara Horner (PFHS); Amanda Bell (BRHS); Parker Priscilla (LCHS); Lenore Cebulski (PVHS); Greta Ruedisueli (HIS); Christina Appleman (BRHS); Fay Sang (PFHS); Kathleen Bracken (PFHS); Melissa Todd (PVHS); Kevin Jefferson (PVHS)

Eb Clarinet: Megan McMullen (LCHS)

Oboe: Amanda Cole (LVHS); Tracy Heitfield (BRHS); Maura Bardos (LCHS); Hannah Sweeney (LVHS)

Bassoon: Katie Smith (BRHS); Laura McIntyre (LCHS); Holly Wolcott (LVHS); Natalie Ferrigno (LVHS)

Alto Sax: Lauren Serpati (BRHS); Adam Filion (LCHS); Kenneth Ocker (BRHS); Ryan Halsaver (BRHS)

Tenor Sax: John Kundzins (LCHS); Daniel Hunt (BRHS)

Baritone Sax: Chris Siecamp (PFHS)

Horn: Matt Menickelly (DHS); Tiffany Coombs (LVHS); Alexandra Allen (PFHS); Daryl Steffers (PFHS); Ben Carnevale (LCHS); Dale Botswick (SBHS); Arash Sadraee (SBHS); Stacey Swana (PFHS)

Trumpet: Scott Spillias (LCHS); Sam Hermens (DHS); Kevin Logan (PFHS); Aaron Christie(SBHS); Anthony Chiles II (BRHS); Kieran Clark (BRHS); Eric Blanks (SBHS); Kariann Farenholtz (LCHS); Craig Sossi (SBHS); Frank Ringel (BRHS); Kathleen Belle (LVHS); Joseph Corcoran (LCHS); Michael Ford (LCHS)

Bass Trombone: Ben Soltoff (BRHS)

Trombone: Louis Hartmetz (LVHS); Michael Roddewig (LCHS); Ben Fox (LCHS); Steven Manausa (SBHS); Kevin Price (PFHS); Jessica Rossie (HHS)

String Bass: Alan Liddell (SBHS); Will Gallus (LCHS)

Tuba: Ian Richard (LVHS); Diane Ford (PVHS); Sarah Quin (LVHS); John Manning (SBHS); Rudy Bzdyk (HIS); Sara Chapman (SBHS)

Euphonium: Kendrey Tramell (LCHS); Ian Thomas (BRHS); Peter Giannino (LVHS); Katie Albert (PVHS); Cassie Kidd (LVHS)

Snare: Alyssa Fellow (LVHS); Jesse Edwards (LVHS); Matt Tootle (LVHS); Brian Minichino (LCHS); Zak Olson (LVHS)

Mallets: Joshua Szimonisz (PVHS); Dan Pyon (SBHS)

Timpani: Tony Bauer (LCHS)

Johanna Faroe (LVHS)

Middle School

Piccolo: Jessica Dall (BelMS)

Flute: Nicole Butt (SRMS); Laura Mock (SMS); Stephanie Lee (JLSMS); Michele Stulga (BluRMS); Anna Piwonski (FSMS); Jessica Denko (SRMS); Jenn Asai (JLSMS); Christina Horner (SRMS); Rachel Swansiger (SRMS); Kristen Gorman (JLSMS)

Clarinet: Madeleine Scaggs (BelRMS); Martin Dalefield (HIS); Katie Spaulding (SMS); Kevin Myers (BelRMS); Kaitlin Lockhart (HIS); Stephanie Blodgett (BelRMS); Katie Minks (SRMS); Audrey Hoodock (HIS); Michael Myers (BelRMS); Ashley Urda (BelRMS); Emily Henderson (SRMS); Margaret Skipp (JLSMS); Matt Weber (SRMS); Brandon Toma (ERMS); Caitlin Shaw (SRMS); Catherine Jones (BluRMS); Amy Ehrenworth (BelRMS); Alexander Kish (FSMS); Rachel Dwyer (HPMS); Jessi Bishop (HIS); Lea Lubag (SRMS); Lara Hampson (BluRMS), Katie Wolcott (BluRMS); Denise Cordary (RBMS)

Bass Clarinet: Chelsea Verdin (HIS)

Oboe: Joe Menickelly (SRMS); David Gayek (JLSMS); Anna Pallotta (HPMS); Daniel Razaui (HPMS)

Bassoon: Elizabeth Gurney (HPMS); Meaghan Allain (ERMS); Katy Deason (JLSMS); Amy Kuo (RBMS)

Alto Sax: Garrett Baltzer (JLSMS); Tyler Flowers (FSMS); Lawren Geppi (HPMS); Elliott Frye (JLSMS)

Tenor Sax: Rob Nicol (JLSMS); Aaron Pendola (ERMS)

Baritone Sax: Chris Tambaschi (FSMS)

French Horn: Robert Denney (HIS); Yelena Nazaroff (SRMS); Katelyn Wilson (BelRMS); Nicole Dallaire (RBMS); Jonathon Knight (SRMS); Jessica Sprouse (BelRMS); Katie Barnes (JLSMS); Andrew Budiansky (JLSMS)

Trumpet: Robbie Rubio (SRMS); Han (Brian) Jang (FSMS); Michael Vereb (SMS); Rachael Livermore (JLSMS); Adam Wise (RBMS); David Baroody (ERMS); Braedon Bla69-6500, or visit Moffett (JLSMS); Liz Asai (JLSMS); Lauren Bernardo (FSMS); Paul Rosenthal (SMS)

Trombone: Mark Kundzins (JLSMS); John Rodeffer (HIS); Ryann Perriello (FSMS); Bennett Layman (JLSMS); Melissa Wright (HIS); Eric Roddewig (JLSMS); Eric Rothschild (HIS); Brian Wolfe (ERMS)

Euphonium: Eric Bagley (BelRMS); Mikaela Finnegan (HPMS); Morgan Ziegler (ERMS); Eric Pasztor (FSMS); CJ Cahill (BluRMS)

Tuba: Bill Wine (BluRMS); Chris Gear (JLSMS); George Rooney (HIS); Jack Breese (ERMS); Sam Felts (HPMS); Scott Ray (BluRMS)

Timpani: Kelly Reimers (JLSMS)

Mallets: Brian King (ERMS); Jenna Smead (JLSMS)

Snare: Matt Bowers (HIS); Dan Page; Chris Cassidy (JLSMS); Mel Kobran (JLSMS); Samuel Athey (BluRMS)

Stone Bridge High School Booster Club will be sponsoring a mulch sale with delivery scheduled for Saturday, April 17. The cost is $3.25 per 3 cu. ft. bag of premium shredded hardwood mulch. Free delivery of 25 or more bags within a five mile radius; smaller orders may be picked up at the high school between 9 a.m. and noon on April 17. Order forms are due no later than Friday, March 19. For more information, contact Tim Buchholz at 703-307-6812 or email

Park View High School's graduation has changed from 7:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 17.

Stone Bridge High School's Project Graduation is raffling off a 2004 Nissan Sentra in a Car or Cash sweepstakes. Project Graduation sponsors an alcohol-free, drug-free, tobacco-free, all night party for graduating seniors. All proceeds of the Car or Cash Sweepstakes will go to support this event. Winners of this raffle may choose the car, donated by Brown's Sterling Nissan, or $10,000. Only 600 tickets, costing $30 each, will be sold. The winner will be announced at 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 1 at the high school. The winner does not have to be present to win but is required to be a licensed driver. Entry forms are available in the Stone Bridge High School office, in the school's newsletter and on its web site, Checks may be made payable to "SBHS Project Grad" with the note "Sweepstakes." Entry forms may be mailed to: SBHS Project Graduation, 43100 Hay Road, Ashburn, VA 20147. A receipt/ticket will be returned by mail. For more information, call 703-729-2379 or 703-729-5717.