In Favor of Oleszek

In Favor of Oleszek

To the Editor:

As a Fairfax County Public School teacher, I was so pleased to read of your endorsement of Janet Oleszek. We need strong, knowledgeable leadership for our Fairfax County Public Schools. We need Janet Oleszek on the School Board.

Fairfax County Children deserve a first-class education. Homeowners whose taxes have risen deserve schools that are efficient and frugal. We need to do what is necessary to provide our students a great education, and we need to do it in ways that do not waste taxpayers' money. After looking at the candidates for School Board, I am convinced that Janet Oleszek would bring the knowledge and provide the leadership to serve both students and taxpayers.

There are more than 160,000 students in our school system. Although Fairfax spends less per student than many neighboring school systems, it costs more than a billion dollars a year to educate Fairfax's children. We have increasing diversity in our schools, with many students whose first language is not English. We cannot afford to have School Board members who are not up to the challenge of running our school system in a way that helps students reach their potential.

Janet Oleszek has spent 30 years preparing herself to be on the Fairfax School Board. Since moving to Fairfax, Janet has learned about Fairfax schools as a teacher, as a parents, as a volunteer, as a member of math and science curriculum committees, as a taxpayer, and as an advocate for well-run schools that help all students succeed. Janet is ready to take on the responsibility of being a leader on the School Board. Fairfax County needs her leadership. I hope all you readers will support Janet Oleszek for At-Large School Board on November 4 as I am doing.

Louise H. Glenn

Fairfax Station