Frey for Sully

Frey for Sully

"In local government, you can see the impact of what you're doing," said Michael Frey recently, in considering why he is seeking a fourth term as Sully District supervisor. Frey is the only Sully member of the Board of Supervisors ever — he was elected in 1991 after redistricting resulted in the creation of the Sully District.

The Sully District has grown and changed dramatically over the 12 intervening years, but Frey says his top accomplishment of his last term is something that will stay the same — county acquisition of 2,000 acres of parkland, most of it to be permanent open space.

While Frey agrees that the county budget has been far too reliant on property taxes, he does not support the "tax cap," calling it "misleading."

Frey makes a practice of visiting every county facility in his district once a year — every group home, the drug treatment centers, everything. He serves as a full-time supervisor, and that sort of attention is one more thing that makes him the right choice for the Sully District.

His opponent, Georgette Kohler, is an energetic activist who has some good points about unfinished projects and other issues in the community. Her ongoing activism will be a benefit.