Thanksgiving Cooking

Thanksgiving Cooking

Lees Corner first-graders tell how to cook a turkey.

Below, first-graders in teacher Suzie Sterrett's class at Lees Corner Elementary tell their favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner and exactly how to prepare these dishes:

Alycia Adams, 7, turkey: "I would get the turkey out of the refrigerator, put it in the microwave and cook it on high for 80 seconds."

Emily Booker, 6, mashed potatoes: "You smash 'em and you peel off the skin. Put 'em in your oven or the microwave to cook 'em, maybe 10 minutes."

Isa Stehnach, 6, turkey: "I'd put it in the oven for 85 minutes at a little low [temperature]."

Will Pieseski, 7, biscuits: "You get a can of dough, I think, and shape it into a circle with your hands and put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 103 degrees. And serve them with butter."

Heather Gaskins, 6, turkey: "I'd put it in the oven, put the timer on for, like, an hour, and cook it on high — 70 degrees. And I'd eat it with applesauce."

Kordell Hutzell, 7, turkey: "I'd slice it and put it in the oven and put it on 60 degrees for about 50 minutes to an hour. I'd put gravy on it when it was done."

Jake Weeren, 6, corn on the cob: "I'd get it at the grocery store. I'd microwave it on 10 for 20 minutes and put butter on it."

Michael Eshleman, 6, mashed potatoes: "I would peel the skin off, mash 'em in a bowl and put 'em in the microwave for five minutes. And I would put gravy on them."

Shruti Gokhale, 6, chicken: "I don't like turkey — yuchhh! I'd slice the chicken and cook it at high — 80 degrees, and low — 20 degrees, for one hour and 20 minutes and 60 seconds. And I'd put salt on it to eat it."

Nicholas Saghir, 6 1/2, turkey: "I would put it in the oven at 95 degrees for 15 minutes."

Hannah Lull, 6, turkey: "I'd put it in the oven and cook it on high for 86 seconds."

Nicole Klamut, 6, cranberry sauce: "You take it out of the can and cook it in the microwave for 10 minutes at medium."

Nancy Tran, 6, chicken noodle soup: "I'd put it in the oven for 15 minutes on warm."

Adam Robinson, 6, pumpkin pie: "My mom usually buys it from the store, and we eat it. [To make it], you get out the pulp of the pumpkin and use a blender to blend it up. Put it in the oven in a pie pan and cook it for 10 minutes at 50 degrees."

Suhail Thahir, 6, mashed potatoes: "I'd slice them and mash them up, and I'd eat them when it's time."

Steven Zhang, 6, a live fish: "I'd first get all the scales off. Then I'd put the fish into a pot and put some oil in it. Then I'd take it out, put it on the plate and eat it."

Shemila Fasihi, 6, pumpkins: "I'd put the pumpkin in the dish and turn the dish on. Then it gets ready."

Keller Han, 7, turkey: "I'd cook it in an oven for two hours at 100 degrees."

Calvin Tran, 6, pumpkin seeds: "You buy the pumpkin and then carve it and take out the seeds and cook them for one hour."

Leslie Kim, 6, turkey: "I'd catch the turkey and cut it. You have to put it on a dish, and then you eat it."

Lawson Race, 6, bread: "I'd buy it first and put it in the oven for one hour at 100 degrees. And I'd put garlic on it."