Franconia Museum: Real History By Real People

Franconia Museum: Real History By Real People

For the Franconia history buff, there is now a compilation of stories that is a definite add to the library. It's entitled "Franconia Remembers."

Volume One, a 64-page collection of stories, was released this past October, according to Johna Gagnon, treasurer and Board member, Franconia Museum, Inc. "This was all done by Board members," she explained.

During the recent Town Meeting, sponsored by Lee District Supervisor Dana Kauffman, the museum had the book on display as a way to encourage membership. "We presently have about 100 paid members and about 50-plus associates," Gagnon said.

The soft bound treatise is divided into three parts. Part I deals with Franconia Elementary School from 1932 to 1982 and a look back at the first two years of Franconia School; Part II is composed of six separate stories by eight authors relating the experiences of early residents of the area and Part III is "A Memoir" by William Apperson Cooke, a long-time active resident.

The book was released on the Second Annual Franconia History Day, October 11, 2003, held under the aegis of the Museum. The purpose of the organization is to collect and distribute knowledge relevant to the history of the Franconia area.

As they stated in literature at their booth at the Town Meeting, "We, at the Franconia Museum, believe that you must know where you came from to know where you are going."

Their goals are:

*To identify, codify, and protect the history of the Franconia area.

*To promote the heritage of the Franconia area.

*To provide educational opportunities for students and the greater community and

*To highlight and enhance the Spirit of Franconia.

ALTHOUGH IT DOES not have a permanent home, the Museum places exhibits in the Helen Wilson Community Room of the Franconia Government Center, local libraries, and other community meeting places throughout the year.

In addition to the October Franconia History Day, the organization sponsors story-swap sessions several times a year. At these events the history of various sections of the area are related by volunteer speakers.

Additional information can be obtained from the following sources: or 7011 A Manchester Blvd., Box 176, Franconia, VA, 22310.