Three-Cappie Star

Three-Cappie Star

“One singular sensation, every little step he takes!”

Zach Heller, a senior at Edison High School, has been taking dancing lessons for eight years. He has become one of Edison’s theater department’s treasures. He first leapt onto Edison’s stage as a sophomore in Edison’s production of “The Music Man” in 2002. Portraying a River City teen, Zach dazzled the audience with a series of leaps and turns throughout the show. This marked the beginning of a spectacular line of shows that Zach would take part in at Edison High School.

Zach Heller is the only student ever to have won three Cappie Awards. His first Cappie was awarded for Best Male Dancer in 2002 for “The Music Man.” Next, he took two awards home in 2003 for Best Male Dancer and Best Choreography for 2003’s “A Chorus Line.” Zach is also a member of the “Dancing Cappies.” In last year’s Cappies Gala, held at the Kennedy Center, Zach had an impressive dancing solo that captured everyone’s attention.

But Zach Heller’s talents are not limited to dancing. He has also done amazing acting work in both Edison’s plays and musicals. In “Our Town” last fall, Zach Heller played both Joe and Si Crowell. This year, Zach Heller was given the role of Boris Kolenkhov, a strange Russian dancing teacher in Edison’s production of “You Can’t Take it With You.” Zach shows enormous talent in this show. He maintained a believable Russian accent throughout all three acts and provided the audience with mountains of laughter.

Besides dancing and acting, choreography is another one of Zach’s gifts to Edison. He both created and taught all of the dance routines in “A Chorus Line.” This was tedious and tiring work, but Zach pulled it off. “He really brought the show to life with his routines and my dancing really improved because he was willing to spend a lot of one-on-one time with me,” said Teresa Kozlowski, one of the cast members of “A Chorus Line.” Zach looks forward to choreographing again this spring for Edison’s production of “The Boyfriend.”