Thespian Society

Thespian Society

International Thespian Society, or "I.T.S", is an honor society which recognizes excellence in the realm of high school theater. Paul VI's chapter of the International Thespian Society, now in its second year at the school, focuses largely on service, both to the school community and the surrounding area.

This past year, the club formed a Fairy Tales Troupe. The group travels to children's hospitals and other children's venues with an improvisational fairy tales act.

I.T.S at Paul VI also tries to reach out to younger drama enthusiasts in the Catholic middle schools. Paul VI hosts an annual all-day Spring Drama Workshop for 6-8th graders interested in the theater. Participants hear from speakers active in the community- and semi-professional-theater sphere providing a general overview theater work. Topics covered include: costumes, lights/sound, set design, stage management/props, acting, and auditioning techniques. This year's workshop will take place on May 8. Call the school for more information.

A new event this year will be the presentation of a mock-wedding at Sunrise Assisted Living (Fair Oaks) for Alzheimer's/memory-impaired residents. This type of event serves a therapeutic purpose for the residents while providing entertainment.