New Technical Director

New Technical Director

During the 2002-2003 school year, under the instruction and supervision of Delano José Lopez, the significantly larger crew has discovered a sense of efficiency that it lacked the year before.

Before coming to the D.C. area, Lopez worked as a light and set designer in New York City, among other related professions in the region. Upon arriving here, he was employed with Gala Events in designing far more large-scale productions. His previous experience is proving to be very beneficial for the school's drama participants. Constructing Lopez's both elaborate and feasible set for their upcoming production "Guys and Dolls" is giving Churchill's “techies” the opportunity to learn new skills and useful techniques, and the performers will have an impressive match for their talent.

“I really like working with students, particularly this age group,” Lopez said. “I like teaching, so I'm enjoying my work here.”