Director's Notes

Director's Notes

The Mt. Vernon Theatre Jocks are back and hitting it hard again. Although this year's main stage performance's are all linked by the common thread of children's classics starting with Frances Hogdson Burnett's, "The Secret Garden" in November, continuing the children's theatre series in February with "Sleeping Beauty," "The Princess and the Pea" and "Livin' de Life" which is based on the Uncle Remus tales of Brer Rabbit, and culminating with James M Barrie's "Peter Pan" in April of 2004, the physical aspect of theatre life has once again come to the fore.

In each of the shows this year, all of the actors will face challenges. Whether they are on stage for an entire show, fighting with witches and trolls, racing through the Briar Patch or flying to NeverNeverland all the students must be in good physical condition. The Theatre Jock workout regimen that was started last year during "Godspell" rehearsals has once again begun.

Director Caren Hearne works out with the students in the Mt. Vernon weight room after rehearsals and keeps the theatre refrigerator stocked with healthy snacks for during rehearsals. Says Mrs.. Hearne, "Theatre is not always food for the mind, sometimes it's just about the sword fight, or beating up the pirates. We need to make sure we're just as ready for those things. And we will be."