Record Amount Raised

Record Amount Raised

Scholarship Fund benefits from annual telethon.

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria held its annual telethon on Sunday and raised more than $83,000, the most ever raised in a telethon.

Former mayor Kerry J. Donley, and lNBC4 news reporter, Julie Carey, served as the hosts of this year’s event. A number of elected officials, former elected officials and other local personalities made phone calls to encourage Alexandrians to contribute to the Scholarship Fund and answered calls from those making pledges.

“We were thrilled,” said Lynn Hampton, the treasurer of the Scholarship Fund’s Board of Directors. “We raised more money than ever before and that means we can give more scholarships than ever before.”

Mayor William D. Euille and local businessman Jack Taylor were among the biggest contributors. The largest contribution came from Alexandria Today, a new city quarterly magazine. Publisher Karen Mcrae brought a check for $10,000 as a contribution, proceeds from the magazine’s premier event three weeks ago.

“Our goal is ultimately to allow every student who graduates from T. C. Williams to pay for post-secondary study, what ever that might be,” Hampton said. “Many people think of scholarships as just for college, but many of the kids we support choose to study culinary arts, technology, cosmetology and other vocational studies. We are about helping kids succeed.”