One Lucky Driver

One Lucky Driver

Flying pitchfork pierces windshield; no injuries.

Those who regularly travel on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge face a number of challenges — the raising of the drawbridge span, people who are contemplating suicide by jumping from the bridge into the Potomac and, of course, snarled traffic. However, even for Wilson Bridge standards, the pitchfork that crashed through Stuart Roy’s windshield on Sunday was out of the ordinary.

The Alexandria Fire Department responded to Roy's 911 call at 11:43 a.m. on Sunday. Roy, a resident of the Fairfax County section of Alexandria, was driving across the Wilson Bridge from Virginia into Maryland. The pitchfork came off the truck in front of Roy and flew through the air toward his windshield at what, according to officials, is estimated to be around 100 miles per hour. The pitchfork went through the windshield, catching on the driver’s side door frame and missing Roy’s face by inches.

Roy managed to drive his car to the Maryland side of the Potomac, pull to the shoulder and call for assistance. According to an Alexandria Fire Department spokesperson, Roy was unhurt.