Council Approves Zoning Amendment, New Developments

Council Approves Zoning Amendment, New Developments

The Alexandria City Council voted to approve a proposed zoning amendment that would redefine a day-labor agency and regulate where such agencies could be located and how they will be operated.

The matter came to Council originally when Ace Temporaries, a day-labor agency, came forward requesting a special-use (SUP) permit to continue operating at 717 Pendleton St. At that time, four years ago, Council denied the SUP request and suggested that the agency move to Eisenhower Valley, a commercial area that would be more appropriate for such agencies. Ace Temporaries sued the city, and the court, on a technicality, told the city to redefine day-labor agencies and make the regulations clearer.

Neighbors have complained about the amount and type of activity that the agency generates. “I think that this definition of a day-labor agency is much clearer and that the regulations will do what Council intended,” said Barbara Ross at Saturday’s public hearing.

Council approved the proposed zoning change and will vote on the ordinance next month.

WHILE THERE WERE many rancorous debates at Saturday’s public hearing, one matter sailed smoothly through the approval process. Council unanimously approved two developments at Cameron Station, completing Phases 6 and 7.

“Considering where we were the last time we came before you with a proposed high-rise and other townhomes, we have come a long way,” said Eileen Fogarty, the director of planning.

One of the developments is a 98-unit townhome project, and the other is a 148-unit condominium building. Both have the support of the residents at Cameron Station.