'Virginia Woolf' on Stage

'Virginia Woolf' on Stage

Everyone has something they don't want other people to know about them. This has never been more evidant than in South Lake's performance of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf." Raw and full of angst, South Lakes did a superb job portraying this emotionally taunting drama.

The cast of this show proves that it is quality, not quanity, that makes something good. Sarah Marsden (Martha), DJ Cashmere (George), Michelle Johnson (Honey), and Derek Yale (Nick) carry the entirety of this three-hour saga. Marsden presents a very moving closing scene, pain and grief etched across her face. Johnson provides comic relief at times, playing the young, drunk blonde. Yale captures the attitude of a young college professor in his hesitancy and desire to please.

Even in a group of solid actors, though, DJ Cashmere stands out. His character visibly develops throughout the show. His body language and vocal control are excellent. He captures the audience in every monologue he has. He and the rest of the cast should be commended on their wonderful interactions with each other, and the ease with which they seem to play off each other.

The set is another interesting aspect of the show. It has no walls, but is merely a frame suspended from the ceiling with fishing wire. Everything is white, while the curtains that are visable are black. This stark contrast fits perfectly with the undertones of the show, suggesting there is merely truth and fiction, and nothing in between. The lighting was also well done. As the play ends, two characters are ensconced in a bluish glow. The technical aspects of the show ran flawlessly.

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf" deals with the delusions that humans create in order to comfort themselves. It is no delusion, though, that South Lakes puts on a wonderful show. The cast masters the subtleties of this challenging work, and wraps their characters around every audience member, sucking them into a world filled with lies and secrets. After all, doesn't everyone have something to hide?