What to Do

What to Do

In the event of a real bioterrorism event, residents will be asked to go to designated high-school bus stops in their neighborhoods, which will be announced at the time, or designed commuter lots. School buses, county Connector buses and FASTRAN buses, for those with disabilities, will transport people to the emergency clinics set up at local high schools. Residents are cautioned not to drive themselves because parking will not be available.

At the clinic, residents will be initially screened to ensure the patient does not show any signs of the illness or have been exposed to the particular bioterrorism threat. If exposure has occurred, the person will be referred to his or her personal doctor or to the nearest medical facility.

Once inside the clinic, patients will go through four stations education, registration, in-depth medical screening and vaccination. After an observation period, the patients will be transported back to the place they were picked up and asked to return home.

The Health Department is still looking for volunteers to assist at emergency clinics, especially registered nurses. For more information, visit the Fairfax County Citizen Corps Web site at www.fairfaxcountycitizencorps.org.