Letter to the Editor

<bt>To the Editor:

The infamous "book banning" controversy within the Fairfax County school system will not end just because the election mudslinging is over. I referred to the book issue in a recent letter [The Connection, "Campaign Tactics," Oct. 30-Nov. 5 ], but unfortunately a Web address that I cited was printed incorrectly. Parents Against Bad Books In Schools (PABBIS) provides parents with eye-opening information about school reading material, including excerpts from many books at I want to clarify that a bipartisan majority of the School Board voted to prevent access to middle-school students of only one book, "Pillars of the Earth," which has vivid descriptions of gang rape and other explicit material. The PABBIS Web site gives parents a way to keep updated on this issue. And the opportunity to read excerpts helps parents decide whether or not the controversial content of various books is something they deem appropriate for their own children. There are plenty of avenues in our culture for youngsters to be exposed to smut What a shame that our tax-supported school system is one more source.

Kathy Campbell