Voters Approve Bond Questions

Voters Approve Bond Questions

Loudoun voters approved both local referendums Tuesday. One of the referendum questions regards the funding of two elementary schools, one in the Belmont area and the second in the Leesburg area, to open in fall 2005. Voters voted 62.79 percent in favor of allowing the county to issue $27.39 million in general obligation bonds to design, construct and equip the two schools.

The Belmont area elementary school, or ES-6, is proposed for a proffered site in Belmont Country Club at a cost of $13.325 million, and the Leesburg area elementary school, or ES-13, at a cost of $14.065 million.

The second referendum question asks voters to approve $14.525 million in bonds for two combined fire and sheriff substations, one in the Brambleton area at a cost of $8.63 million and the second in the Lansdowne area at a cost of $5.895 million. Currently, Loudoun County has 20 substations and a temporary station in South Riding that will be built as a permanent station in 2005. The substations take 24 to 28 months to build .