Delgaudio Gains Colleagues on New Board

Delgaudio Gains Colleagues on New Board

Three of five incumbent Board of Supervisor members will be serving another term in 2004-07, according to unofficial election results from the Office of Elections. They are Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), James "Jim" Burton (I-Mercer) and Sally Kurtz (D-Catoctin).

"I'm grateful to the people of Sterling for giving me this mandate for lower taxes, restraint on government spending and an end to PDRs, Purchase of Development Rights," Delgaudio said after finding out he received 52.88 percent of the vote and his opponent Douglas Reimel (D), 46.8 percent.

Delgaudio wants to put an end to the "forced growth of Sterling," as he states in his campaign literature. And he wants to see improvements in the areas of traffic and public safety through public-private partnerships, renegotiated proffers and improved timing of traffic signals, he said.

Reimel woke up Tuesday morning feeling nervous and knew he would end the day "really happy or bummed," he said. "You never know. You have to wait until the votes are counted."

Reimel wanted to see Sterling Park revitalized and integrated into a town center, the county preserve a sustainable rate of growth and property taxes kept low enough so that the cost of living remains affordable, he said.

"I'm very proud of him," said Sharon Worley, Reimel's mother. She traveled from her home in Denver, Colo. to support him on Election Day, along with attending his campaign announcement.

In the Broad Run District, Supervisor Charles "Chuck" Harris (D) lost by 211 votes to Lori Waters (R), who received 52.19 percent of the vote. Harris received 47.68 percent. Waters aims to focus on lowering taxes, setting fiscal priorities using a zero-based budget approach and managing the consequences of growth, such as filling in missing roadway links and upgrading and building new roads. "My main goals are to tear the budget to pieces and put it back together. We need to figure out the priorities and cut out pet projects and wasteful spending," she said.

IN THE DULLES District, Stephen "Steve" Snow received 57.45 percent of the vote, winning the race against John Murphy, Jr., who received 42.16 percent.

Snow wants to see Loudoun improve commercial economic development and transportation, eliminate wasteful spending, lower taxes and increase the county's commercial tax base. He does not fully support the county's planning documents and opposes what he and others call "density packing" in the east, or the placing of most of the projected future growth into one area of the county.

Bruce Tulloch (R) won in the Potomac District with 65.06 percent of the vote. His opponent Afeefa Syeed (D) received 34.5 percent.

Tulloch, who supports a zero-based budget, wants to see Loudoun become more business-friendly, to increase support and funding of the Sheriff's Office, place more emphasis on alternative transportation sources, such as public-private partnerships and special tax districts, and fix the missing links in the existing roadway system.

In Sugarland Run, D.M. "Mick" Staton, Jr. (R) received 54.46 percent of the vote and Bogard, 45.77 percent. Staton wants to make sure the county's growth rate does not overcrowd eastern Loudoun. He wants the county to conduct a line-by-line budget review and remove any wasteful spending. "By doing this, we could lower our tax rate and fund our priorities, such as schools and public safety," he said.

In western Loudoun, Burton (I) will continue as a supervisor serving the Blue Ridge District and Kurtz, Catoctin. Jim Clem (R) will serve the Leesburg District.