Belle Haven Marina Back In Business

Belle Haven Marina Back In Business

He said it would happen and it did. Less than two months after Hurricane Isabel tore up docks, tossed around ice machines and ripped up pilings, Belle Haven Marina is back in business and owner George Stevens couldn't be happier.

"This place is better than ever," he said, as he showed the newly built dock which was rebuilt stronger than ever before. Many of the boats have already been moved back into the marina.

"It just took a little wood," said Stevens. Actually, it was a lot of wood. The planks reinforcing the main dock are several times thicker than before.

Stevens is still waiting for two floating docks and is hoping to apply for a grant to install a wave attenuator. This floating dock would serve three purposes; it would provide transient docking for travelers; it would abate the effect of the wake on the boats; and it would help protect the marshland.