New, Single-Family Homes Are Planned

New, Single-Family Homes Are Planned

Kustom Kastles hopes to build five, single-family, detached homes adjacent to the Fair Lakes Chase subdivision. But doing so requires the rezoning of 2.6 acres from one home per acre to two homes per acre in a cluster arrangement.

The site in question is near the intersection of Veronica Road and Fenbrook Drive, and attorney Keith Martin presented details of the proposal at the May 20 meeting of the West Fairfax County Citizens Association (WFCCA) Land-Use Committee.

The project will be an infill development within an already-existing residential area and would be incorporated into the Fair Lakes Chase homeowners association. Martin said the new neighborhood would have 40 percent undisturbed open space.

He also noted that the developer will make a contribution to Rocky Run Middle School because the residents of the new community would attend that school. Kustom Kastles has also proffered a $4,000 contribution to the county Park Authority, and the WFCCA wants it to be designated specifically for a park in Sully District, such as Ellanor C. Lawrence Park.