Kobus Throws Hat In GOP Ring

Kobus Throws Hat In GOP Ring

Primary has two vying to meet Amundson in November.

Lou Kobus has accomplished a lot of things in his lifetime. He has built a successful landscaping business, Village Turf, after taking the business over from his aunt and uncle in 1992. He's the past president of the Hollin Hall Village Civic Association and he's served as a grassroots lobbyist for seven years to support green space.

Among other hats he's worn, he was the commander of VFW Post 609 for four years, served as the director of the Mount Vernon Community Coalition, the Virginia Turfgras Council, the Virginia Agribusiness Council, the Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association, and the Virginia Governor's School for Agriculture Advisory Council.

Now he's looking to add another title: Delegate Lou Kobus (R-44).

He recently announced that he is running in the Republican primary for the House of Delegates in 44th District and will be running against David Kennedy. The survivor will then meet Democratic incumbent Kris Amundson in the general election in November.

"What made me want to run is that being here on Route One, I want to know what's going on about the Centerline Study," said Kobus, who feels that Delegate Amundson, who is on the committee, hasn't conveyed enough information about that and other issues.

Having lived in California, he believes that it makes more sense to develop a light rail or monorail than to keep widening the roads. "I would rather have a people mover on Route One," he said.

"What I bring to the table is that I'm aware of local issues, like the hospital closing, centerline study, and Woodlawn Little League."

Kobus also thinks he has innovative ideas for resolving the school crowding problems. Rather than building expensive permanent structures which will not be needed in the future, he suggests building transitional classrooms which will be more permanent than trailers but not nearly as expensive.

TO GET THE WORD OUT, Kobus has been knocking on doors, handing out leaflets, and speaking to church groups, clubs and businesses. His campaign is being financed by friends and neighbors. "We're not talking about a huge campaign," said Kobus. "People give $5, 10, $15, $100."

As a developer, Rick Genuario has worked with Kobus for over 10 years, getting advice on agricultural issues pertaining to landscaping of developments. "We've used him many times and referred his company to homeowners when they require more expertise. He's a consultant we can use. I think he's been a significant business on the Route One corridor, both as a business and as an employer," said Genuario.

"He's always supported the community. He served on several committees with the Mount Vernon/Lee Chamber of Commerce and supported Mount Vernon Community Day. Lou's an upstanding and strong supporter of the community."