Brent Takes WP Helm

Brent Takes WP Helm

The meeting started right at 2:30 and lasted but a minute or two. Dr. Calanthia Tucker, Cluster IV Director, took the podium before West Potomac teachers and administrators and said, "When I was here several weeks ago, I said that West Potomac's new principal needed strong support from the school board, teachers, supervisors and the community. I know that is what they got. The new principal has integrity and leadership. He's approachable and has the heart of children in mind."

And with that, she introduced Eric Brent as the person who will take over as principal of West Potomac in July. Brent, in turn, introduced his "best half," Diana Brent, and said, "I've done my homework. I'm looking forward to working with the staff and carrying on the established practices of the school."

He then took time to meet with individual teachers and administrators.

When asked about the selection process, Tucker said, "It went pretty much the way I thought it would."

Cernata Morse, parent liaison, was on the selection committee, and said, "What stuck with me was his integrity and character and that he sets the tone as a role model. He has been a coach, a teacher, guidance counselor, director of guidance, assistant principal, and now a principal. He's touched all aspects. He's like a gentle giant and has good values."

A PRODUCT of Route 1, Brent attended Mount Vernon High School. He and his family currently live in Prince William County. Brent and Diana met while they both worked for the Prince William County school system; she still works for it. Brent served as the special projects administrator for Hilton High School for two years. He's been the assistant principal at Mount Vernon High School since 1995.

"I'm very excited, I have an awful lot to learn," said Brent. "I want to build on what's already established."

Phoebe Mix, the newly elected PTSA president, was also on the selection committee. She simply said, "I'm thrilled. I'm very pleased."