Moseley Drops Out of Race

Moseley Drops Out of Race

Jonathon Moseley, Republican candidate for the Commonwealth Attorney's seat, signed a statement of withdrawal on April 29 in favor of supporting new candidate James Plowman. He had sought the support of the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) but made his withdrawal before the May 31 convention.

"I ran originally because I saw there was nobody to carry the flag. The flag was falling to the ground, so I wanted to catch it," said Moseley, a recent South Riding resident. "I've since learned that it isn't necessary for me to be the candidate. ... I realize there is someone else available, and that was a big part of my decision."

Plowman, attorney and former Fairfax County prosecutor, announced his campaign on May 12. He is a trial attorney for the Staff Counsel's Office of Allstate Insurance Company and is treasurer of the LCRC.

"It is trivial, unfounded, wasteful and ill-considered to investigate me for having properly registered to vote while exercising my federal constitutional right to choose where to make my home," Moseley said in his withdrawal letter about the recent questioning of his residency. "However, I do not ignore that even if the legal system veers off track and is making a mistake, regardless of such an error, there still should be no question about a candidate's ability to serve in the position."

MOSELEY pointed out in the withdrawal letter that negative campaigning and tactics is a mistake. "They have made me mad. To ensure that there will be a change in and rejection of such abusive tactics, I fervently desire the strongest chance possible of seeing Republican victory in the fall."

"Mr. Moseley put the interests of the Loudoun County Republican Committee ahead of his own, and for that he deserves our respect," said Andrew Gupta, party spokesperson. "That's a tough choice. It makes him a big person."

Moseley said his decision has been portrayed as a result of pressure for him to resign, which "is not the case." "This whole experience has made me feel we need to have a change, and Jim Plowman is our best shot at it. I would rather add my limited amount of time to helping him be elected than fracture our efforts and see this same type of abuse I'm concerned about be allowed to continue."