Loverly Musical at Robinson

Loverly Musical at Robinson

Cappies Review

<bt>The charm and elegance of Alan Lerner and Fredrick Loewe's "My Fair Lady" glowed brilliantly in the Robinson High School auditorium. From technology to costumes to acting, many students displayed the professional attitude which separates amateurs from budding masters. This musical story of poor Eliza Doolittle's (Maureen Rohn) path from Covent Garden to an embassy ball under the tutelage of Professor Higgins (Russell Peevey) and Col. Pickering (Richard Gartrell) rang true to its audience in humor, love and the wit of Britain's stiff upper lip.

Maureen Rohn's portrayal of Eliza provided the magnificent strength required of such a central character and proved that a melodious voice and superior acting ability can be found in such a young talent. Rohn also gave a shining example of the successful dialect coaching provided to the Robinson cast; she, like many others, remained consistent to her particular twang and demonstrated her character's vocal development and range to a degree on a par with Audrey Hepburn's famed film version.

The delightful, intelligent and utterly vulgar-mannered Professor Higgins (Russell Peevey) performed his part with a perfect flair, and Richard Gartrell (Col. Pickering) stood opposite the Professor with a straight-man's subtlety that grew funnier with every scene. Indeed, Gartrell's aged gentlemanly appearance, aided by the excellent make-up provided by Jessica Mueller and her crew, endeared him to his audience.

And what fashion it was. Mistaken for professionally designed and made, the many wardrobe changes of "My Fair Lady" were created by the talented crew of Kelsey Cropp and proved stunning in such scenes as the "Ascot Gavotte." The technical crews of Robinson truly deserve the highest praise for their efforts, which supported the enormous cast with every possible aid in wide publicity, excellent lighting, and smooth scene transitions. The orchestra also warrants every accolade for its full-bodied attack of Fredrick Loewe's elegant compositions.

With such voices as Ryan Ransom (Freddy) and Maureen Rohn onstage, what a loverly sensation it must be to perform this classic musical. Be sure to catch this cast in its performances May 9 and 10, at 7:30 p.m.; flowers are tuppence a bunch in the lobby.