People News

People News

Douglas R. Fahl of Leesburg, executive vice president of Dewberry, has been named to the Board of Commissioners of the Virginia Housing Development Authority. Kelly Burk of Leesburg, a special education teacher at Blue Ridge Middle School, has been appointed to the state Board of Optometry. Byron Andrews of Sterling, chief of the Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad, has been appointed to the state Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board.

Eight delegates sponsored by the Purcellville American Legion family attended Virginia's Boys and Girls State, June 15-21. The week long program provides intensive studies in government offered at the high school level. Two senators were chosen from among each state-wide delegation to attend Boys and Girls Nation held in July in the DC/Metro Area.

Jason Baird, from Leesburg Christian School, was among the top 10 in the selection process. He served as his city's party chairman in the Nationalist Party Convention, and was a citizen of Maury City which was voted as "Best City."

Peter Jarvis, citizen of Lee City , was the state-wide Lt. Governor candidate for the Federalist party. With this nomination he had to participate in platform speeches to the entire delegation of over 800 Boys State Citizens and campaign state wide in a very short amount of time. Peter lost to the Nationalist candidate, attributing that the Federalists were the minority party.

Andrew Travis, citizen of Marshall City, was one of the top candidates for the Nationalist Party's nominee for Lt. Governor, having to speak to his entire party of about 400 and campaign city to city.

Thomas Pine was chosen as MacArthur's city's party chairman at the Federalist Party Convention and represented the city. He was nominated by his city to serve as State Party chairman, but was defeated within the convention.

David Yelton, another member of Maury City, ran for two offices, Sheriff and City Council. He was elected to the Council.

Tyler City citizen, Kristi Kern, ran for the State Senate. She was appointed by the Mayor and City Council to the City Beautification Committee, and was in charge of coordination and the Friday evening festivities. She was also a delegate to the Nationalist Party Convention.

Other students attending were Danny Faircloth and Beth Gould from Loudoun Valley High School.

All of the students are rising seniors in their high schools and meet the minimum academic and leadership standards for participation. For information regarding next year's program, contact Post 293 Commander Tom Schumacher at 540 338-0910.