Worried? Here's 'Pippin'

Worried? Here's 'Pippin'

Leave your field to flower as Centreville High School performs "Pippin."

As you live days of your life with worries and disappointments — understand that Pippin, son of Charlemagne felt the same way. Senior Theo Thompson plays Pippin who needs fulfillment in his life.

At the rise of the curtain on stage in total darkness are stark white moving hands. Fosse-like dancing and movements attract the rhyme of the first song. Many have heard of it, "Magic To Do." The song develops into a dance that involves all kinds of magic tricks and all kinds of characters. This is the opening of the play and the Leading Player, played by senior Rachel Dolan, welcomes the audience and tells them that they are about to see "the most mysterious tale with magic, merriment, lust, murder, holy war, and a climax never before seen on a public stage." The Leading Player and the players inform the audience that they will be entertained with the performance of "Pippin" through his life and tales. They are actors playing out the performance of the play — a play within a play.

The play is about Pippin dealing with his life through war, death, love, defeat and song. His love interest in the show is Catherine, played by junior Dana Moreno. She is the only actor or player who really cares about the well being of Pippin.

But be careful, the Leading Player has many tricks up her sleeve. Just like every character in the play, she is an actor and she does have her needs. She won't let anyone get in her way of seeing Pippin have the everyday worries and disappointments in his life.

This is for children, young adults, adults and anyone who may feel disappointment in their lives, to understand that life is filled with magic, good and bad. "Pippin" includes such songs as "Morning Glow," "Corner of the Sky," "Glory," "On the Right Track," "Extraordinary," "Finale" and "Magic To Do."

The performance of "Pippin" will be on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of May 1, 2 and 3. The show will start at 7:30 p.m. The musical is directed by Mark J. Rogers.

Centreville High School is located at 6001 Union Mill Road Clifton, 20124.