Standoff Ends with Non-Lethal Force in Vienna

Standoff Ends with Non-Lethal Force in Vienna

Police circled the Wolftrap Motel on Maple Avenue in Vienna after motel guests threatened a bail bondsman with a knife and then refused to come out when police arrived on the scene. What started out at approximately 8:30 a.m., Monday, Sept. 9, ended about 5 p.m. that afternoon, when police entered the room on the second floor using an unspecified "forced entry," according to Vienna Chief of Police Robert A. Carlisle. Then "we used 'less lethal,' which are commonly known as bean bag rounds," said Fairfax County Police public information officer (PIO) Amy Lubas.

Only the male suspect, Daniel Connor, 48, of Railroad Court in Fairfax, was shot with the bean bags, and it is policy to seek medical treatment in those situations, according to Lubas.

"The male was contacted with the bean bags, and when that happens, he needs to be checked out. We have them medically cleared," she said.

Also in the room was Brandi Egnor, 22, of Lee Highway in Fairfax, who was also taken to the hospital because she was pregnant, Lubas said.

Fairfax County Police officers were called in after the incident unfolded earlier in the day because they have more resources than the Town of Vienna police, which is common practice in situations like this, according to Lubas.

The only weapon displayed by the two was a knife, but the police weren't sure of the situation, so there were police sharpshooters on the nearby rooftops for the duration. No shots were fired by the officers.

Connor was wanted on "failed to appear on larceny, third offense," and Egnor was wanted on "failed to appear, embezzlement," according to Lubas. "Both had failed to appear in court."

"We were called here by a bail bondsman," according to Carlisle.

IT WAS A STANDOFF all afternoon on Maple Avenue through Vienna, and traffic was diverted around the motel by police. On the side where the room was located, the Emergency Veterinary Clinic was right across the parking lot. When the incident was over, those who had been in the clinic all came out into the parking lot, some with pets in hand, to get air. The only access to the clinic is on the motel side, so there was no way for people to leave.

"They told us to stay in," said clinic employee Vickie Clark.

Fellow employee Joshua Bryant tried to see what was going on while honoring the police request.

"They asked us to stay away from the windows. We did get a pretty good view of them rushing the door. Originally, we were told the woman was a hostage," he said.

Technician Kelby Mcalpine noted the appointments that had to be canceled.

"There was an animal down at the Iams [imaging] center that needed surgery and couldn't get here, and we couldn't get the surgeon out," Mcalpine said.

LUBAS MONITORED the situation across Maple Avenue with fellow public information representative Isabel Benemelis, a civilian Fairfax County PIO employee.

"It's a double barricade, the negotiators have made contact, it’s just kind of wait and see," Benemelis said.

A mobil headquarters was set up on the other side of the motel according to Lubas.

"They have a central location where they can organize. In a situation like this, they'll try to negotiate as long as possible. They always try to resolve it that way first," she said.

The "less lethal" option was a success according to Carlisle.

"Everybody's safe. It's a successful operation," he said.

After their visit to the hospital, both Egnor and Connor will be taken into custody by Vienna police.