Potomac Fugitive Captured

Potomac Fugitive Captured

On Saturday, Nov. 9, the TV show “America’s Most Wanted” aired a segment on Potomac resident Prescott Sigmund, who has been missing since July 15, 2002. Sigmund turned himself in to police in Montana after seeing the report. Here is the report posted on the “America’s Most Wanted” website.

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Reprinted from America’s Most Wanted, www.amwweb.com

Nov. 11, 2002

“A fugitive wanted in connection with a pipe bomb explosion that seriously injured his half brother turned himself in Saturday night to police in Montana. His arrest is a direct result of his profile on ‘America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back.’

“Prescott Sigmund, 35, of Potomac, Md., turned himself into police in Missoula, Montana, after seeing himself on 'America's Most Wanted.' Sigmund was living in a college town of Missoula living under an alias and working as a motel desk clerk.

“On July 12, 2002, 21-year old Wright Sigmund went into the garage under his father's insurance office in Northwest Washington, D.C. to run an errand and started his father's SUV. The car was allegedly booby-trapped with one or more explosive devices, including a pipe bomb underneath the seat. It exploded when Wright turned the key in the ignition. Miraculously, Wright survived, but with disfiguring and nearly mortal wounds. Investigators were convinced the bomb was actually meant for Wright's 62-year-old father, Donald Sigmund, a prominent insurance executive, and that it had been planted within the week.

“On July 15, 2002, Donald's oldest son, Prescott, disappeared.

“Prescott was known as an affable mild-mannered suburban father of two. The intense investigation surrounding the bombing brought to light his secret, double life. He had apparently been fired seven months before but pretended to work every day. His wife then discovered he had raided her retirement funds, taken out credit cards in his parents’ names and left the household bills unpaid for months. In October 2002, federal authorities were able to show probable cause to charge Prescott with the bombing.

“Prescott's car was found approximately a week after his disappearance, but there was no sign of Prescott. That is until he walked into the Missoula Police Department with a story of being profiled on the hit Fox television show. Missoula police then confirmed this with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and placed Prescott under arrest. He is now in a Missoula holding facility awaiting extradition to Washington, D.C., where further charges may be filed in connection with the bombing.”